About Us

Who Are Shaver Heaven

Shaver Heaven is a family owned and operated artisan soap maker based in Melbourne, Australia. They are a Husband (Mr. Heaven) and Wife (Mrs. Heaven) team.

All of their products are handmade in small batches ensuring they stay true to their Artisanal roots. They make their soap base from scratch and have been doing so since launching back in 2014. Their soap scents are sometimes a blend of Fragrance oils (FO) and Essential Oils (EO) and are sourced locally from reputable manufacturers (not from cheap overseas suppliers). All fragrances (when used) are used within their specified usage range and are suitable for their application in soap (not cheap fragrances to be used in candles / air fresheners!).

When you order a Shave Soap from Shaver Heaven, know that everything (minus the tubs and lids) are made by hand. From the soap that fills the jar, to the wad that lines the inside of your lid, to the stickers that are printed in-house, hand cut individually and stuck on, it was all done by hand.

Please keep this in mind before passing judgment on small imperfections. At Shaver Heaven, they serve as a reminder that you have purchased something made by hand.

Nearly all of the materials (95%) used to create their products are sourced locally from other Australian Business. They try to put back into the community by sponsoring local fundraisers for Kindergartens, Schools and Community Events and fundraisers.

Shaver Heaven would like to thank all of their family, friends, and customers for their support. Without you they would just be another soap maker.

Never heard of us? A simple "Google Search" will provide you with countless "YouTube" reviews and other reviews of our products. We rely on "word of mouth" so help us spread the good word!